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A small video if Chapter 1 Part One it was done by a newbie overall not that bad give it a look

The Lord of Shadows Rises

A short Snippet

1998, Norway

It had been two hundred years since the Battle of Twin Peaks was decided and the warriors of the Order of the White Rose had fought a long and grueling battle, losing over half their fighters against the Army of the Lord of Shadows.

The reason for the losses of these brave heroes was due to an evil dictator known as the Lord of Shadows. With his army, he descended upon the Scandinavian countryside to destroy all who stood in his way. Pillaging and selling the vanquished into slavery, he showed no mercy to his victims. He was defeated, however, not by the army, but by one man. That man was the leader of the Order of the White Rose, Master Eirik. He was a monk who had studied the ways of the warrior and hadmastered Aikido and Stav fightingstyles. He fought the Lord of Shadows near the evil one’s temple and was able to seal the Lord of Shadowsinto an object using the forbidden technique of the Soul Seal.

It proved to be Master Eirik’s last battle as he gave his life to seal the evil one. The Lord of Shadows had nowbeen safely imprisoned for two centuries. This left five keys with the five Masters of the White Rose. When the Lord of Shadows became imprisoned inside a statue of a Norse god his power was dispersed among five keys. Only if those five keys were brought together within the temple would he regain his power. The Guardians were there to make sure that did not happen. To further protect the keys, the Guardians eventually spread out across the world. For generations, the keys had been passed down from master to student.

This is where our story begins.

The Lord of Shadows Redemption

In a dark cave in Norway, a man walks in. His robe was from the long journey and his face was obscured by the hood. “So they finally did it and defeated my master,” said the man. “Good thing we had a contingency in place.”

“Those masters will rue the day they crossed me,” said a voice. “How long will I be in this state?”

“A year, Master,” said the man. “I will gather followers to join you.”

“Perfect. Use that technique if you must.”

 “Of course Lord of Shadows,” said the man.

The Lord of Sacrifice

The Lord of Shadows: Sacrifice

            The silhouette of a man could be seen standing in the corner of a lab.

“So, even the Dread Master has failed. I have tried to conquer this planet, and yet each of my plans has failed.

            “For over Two thousand years, my planning has been for naught. Magic and science have failed alone. A mere fire stopped my black plague, but maybe both science and magic will be the answer.

            “It will take time to create my new warrior. But then what is time to an ever living?”

The first time speaking to a Highschool class about writing and character development. It was terrifying