My Journey

About me 

Name is James Terzian

This book was not a project but a way to overcome my disability in writing. It is my joy to have written it and present it as my own. Due to my weakness in writing my grammar was not that great till I sent to the editor. No one is perfect and they will always be speed bumps along the way to writing and I give Authors a lot of credit to go out there and write. I like to fantasy, adventure and history text book. I did read a whole History text book out of class man I am a nerd. I have read both of Homer’s epics the Iliad and Odyssey.
My Favorite books are Star Wars book, Harry Potter and the Three Kingdoms historical novel which is well written for a war novel. I love history and math for different reason but it can help in the long run in life. I did not like the English class due to having to write essays. Hope this transferred any questions.
James Terzian



I was at my old Highschool for a talk about my book James Hubert Blake Highschool

Part One of my short video of Chapter one
Part two of chapter one of my book.

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