Work In Progress

The Master of the Order

A short story about the four Masters of the Order of White Rose. Their lives and younger years.

Here is a small taste of the work. This is chapter One it is the back story of Lenora “It has not been edited”

Chapter 1: Lenora

In the Slums of New York city, a young girl with black hair about 7 years was walking down an ally. She was wearing what would be considered rags. As she headed down a few younger children appeared out of the shadows. “I brought some food,” said the young girl.

“Lenora,” said a weak voice. “What did you bring?”

“All I could grab was bread,” said the young girl with her eye downcast. “Sorry.”

“I will try to get some more tomorrow,” she said.

Next day Lenora was slipping in and out of the crowd in the Big Apple. She saw a man with black hair walking down the street. Seeing her next target, Lenora slips in and brushes up against the man. Taking his wallet, as she leave, the man sighs. “What a shame” he said. “Better follow her.”

The man follows her from the shadows. Getting to the alley, he is shocked at the young girl sharing some food she liberated earlier. He walks out. “I think you have something of mine,” said the man.

“What are you talking about,” said Lenora.

“You took my wallet,” said the man. “Just give me the wallet, but you can keep the cash I had.”

Why?” asked the girl.

I am not the type of person to punish someone for helping others,” said the man. “However you’re in the wrong.”

The girl walks up to the man and hands him the wallet. “Thank you. However food paid for has a better taste,” said the man. “I will leave you with that, stay safe.” The man leaves with his empty wallet. The Young children looks at the man retreating back.

The Order of Black Rose

The battle with Zero has left the Earth in disarray. However a new threat is making it’s move and this time it’s from within the Order of White Rose.

Here is a small excerpt of my novel chapter one

The world has been rebuilding since the conflict with Zero. It had been 5 years The Order of White Rose took a massive hit, both from the casualties and resources they used to rebuild cities. Chen the current Grand Master was sitting around a round table with five other people.

Master Mohad the student of Master Guan and practitioner of Shaolin Fist and Monkey Kung fu. He has taken up Drunken Fist as a supplementary form.

Mistress Lenora. The wife of the former Grand Master Alexander and user of Muay Tai, legs where damaged in battle with Zero but they healed over time.

Master Guan, a Shaolin of great wisdom and tactic. His form is Shaolin fist, both variants of Mantis Kung fu and Monkey Kun fu. He was nearly killed in battle with Zero

Master Mason of Brazil and former student of the Park Ranger Master Estefan.  His preferred forms Jujitsu and Capoeira. Was also nearly killed in battle with Zero

Mistress Alice who was the student of Mistress Lenora. Has mastered the form of  Muay Tai. She has also learned bojutsu, fighting with a quarter staff.

“Alright, first how is the rebuilding coming along?” asked Chen.

“Majority of the areas devastated have been rebuilt, however Moscow is about fifty percent rebuild and Beijing is forty percent,” said Guan.  

“How many resources do we have to spare?” Chen asked.

“Not much,” said Guan. “A lot of our own people have been killed and many of our bases are being used as refugee shelters.”

“That is a problem,” said Mason. “How did Grand Master Alexander do this?” asked Chen

I am also doing Fanfiction on

Big Naruto fan, Dragonball Z and 90 cartoons. My work reflects this

The Lord of Shadows Rises Graphic Novel Part 2 of chapter 1 (Finished)

Link below

Alexander get to the charred remains of his house finding himself an orphan.

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