Book Summaries

It has been 200 years since the Lord of Shadows was sealed in a horrific battle. The Man who sealed the Lord of Shadows perished and left the key to his prison with the Master of the Order of the White Rose. An order he was in charge of as the Grand Master.
200 year later a young teen finds one of the keys after his parents are brutally murdered by the Order of Shadows. He must safeguard this key while learning and perfecting his martial arts. He will train with some of the best fighter gaining allies who can stop the Lord of Shadows from being resurrected.

It has been peaceful since the final confrontation with the Lord of Shadows and his army. The world powers have united to fight further threats. The Master of the Order of White Rose act as peacekeeper and warrior who fight if needed. However anew threat from the Ancient times is making a comeback. Faust is trying to bring the Lord of Shadows back. However, is that his true goal or is there a alterative motive? Light and Darkness must stand and fight.

It is a dark time for the Earth, most of the Masters have been killed by a new threat with Alexander taken out years early due to a betrayal at a peace summit. The new enemy at the behest of his Master hunts the remaining warriors down. Only two are willing to fight. One a disgraced Lord of Shadows who struggles with his own demon. The second is the son of The Grand Master who struggles with his pacifistic nature and distaste for fighting. They will need each other as student and Master to battle this threat in Sacrifice. It all end here
Graphic Novel

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