Alexander Theodorson
Rank Grand Master
Styles Crane, Snake, Kickboxing, Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Kenjutsu or swordsmanship arts. Muay Tai and intermediate Jujutsu, Aikido
Invented form Grasshopper
Weapons of choice Twin Kodachi or short swords
Notable Victories: General Nicolson, The Lord of Shadows, Dread Master, held of an army of 500 gun wielding troopers.
Masters Theodor, Luray, Master Thompson, Grand Master Eirik, The Guardians of the four directional plains, Grand Master Qudir
The Lord of Shadows
Name ???
Styles Kenjutsu with emphasizes on broad sword, Aikido, Dark Arts,Overpowering kick boxing, Elemental Manipulation (need an artifact for this)
Weapon Broad Sword, Plated armor infused with dark Magic.
Notable Victories: Grand Master Alder??? (he poisoned the Grand Master before the fight) Grand Master Eirik, A village of Aboriginal warriors in Australia. Held off the four the Masters of the Order of White Rose. Dread Master The ancient in the mountain and the Elder in Uganda village (nearly lost his life and his first set of armor was destroyed

Masters: The Master Shadow, Grand Master Alder
Shaolin Monk Master Guan
Style: Monkey Kung Fu, Shaolin fist, Bojutsu (use of a quarter staff)
Weapon of choice Quarter Staff
Notable Victories General Kevin of the Wind (he spared the life of Kevin)
Masters: Shin of the Shaolin
Kevin of the Wind
Styles: Wind Manipulation for cutting or blowing back an enemy. Polearm usage, Kenpo

Weapons: Twin Pike and one usage of a medical scalpel

Notable victories Master Shin of the Shaolin, Sword Master Jin
No known Master
Master Lenora
Style: Muay Tai, Some knowledge Snake and Crane
Weapons Staff with hidden blade
Notable Victories: Poachers, General Vladimir
Master: Master Thompson
General Vladimir
Styles: Sambo (mix of wrestling and kickboxing)
Weapon: 80 pound Hammer
Notable victories: Master Thompson, His brother Sergei. Many other fighters on his master hit list.
No known Master
Master Mason

Discipline: Capoeira, Brazilin Jujutsu

Notable achievement: Passing the Master trial. Killing Kyral, Fighting the Lord of Shadows, Survived Zero killing spree

Master: Master Estefan

General Kyral

Discipline: Ninjutsu, Shuriken jutsu (use of Shuriken throwing stars) Master of stealth and assassination.

Victories: Master Estefan, Leon the famous ax thrower. Conquered Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

No Masters

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