My Review to book I read

Dear John, a letter to the undead

5 stars
Scary but not nightmarish
Not much of a Horror person, but I decided to branch out. Personally I dislike Horror because I am easily scared . But I gave this one a read. Scary but not terrifying. It was one a short book, two it had little to no error as I can tell. And it was a good way to pass the time. I might have to reevaluate my opinion on the horror genre. Well done

Out in the Bright Bright Light (Lost Souls Book 1

5 stars
Well Written book
Not much to say about this book. Characters are well developed. You can tell and envision were you are. This space adventure is one to remember


5 stars
New perspective
This story has given a more perspective of depression and emotional trauma. The beginning was very depressing and I got to feel the character. For a book writing by a young girl in high school at the time it is for the most part well done. A few little mistakes but did not detract from the main story and point well done
The Birth of the Ringmaster
I rated 5 stars
First this book is very unique. I am more of an adventure, action reader. Still this is not a bad read the dynamics of the circus the main character joined was dark, I characterization of the actors and the setting were well detailed . 5 stars

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